"Good Blood" You? November 2023

Galerie Hell
Spittastraße 2
10317 Berlin

HELL is a bright and cunty commercial concept gallery opened in 2019. It showcases feminist art through exhibitions, publications and artist residencies in Lichtenberg, Berlin. The gallery highlights the beautiful absurdity of gender-related-anxiety and frames the look of inequality in the artistic, private and public realms. One part of the program is the support of international female artists through a traditional gallery setting. Another part of the program is the non-support of non-international, non-female, non-artists through a non-traditional gallery setting.

HELL is 30 square meters with a display window and smoking porch. HELL is on the ground floor of a new building group project on Spittastrasse 2 in Victoriakiez, between S-Bahn Ostkreuz and S-Bahn Nöldnerplatz. The Master and Commander of HELL is Alexis Knowlton.
In Hell, artists are paid not to show art. Artists are not required to do anything in Hell. Art is forbidden at exhibition openings.

For a list of artists shown or to buy additional information please see Hell's "journal" or visit us


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